Roos Only is a family oriented, environmentally concerned and community involved repair shop. We are always ethical in our business practices and help our customers solve their Subaru mechanical problems honestly and fairly. Roos Only is not affiliated with Subaru of America. We are not an authorized Dealer, Sales, Parts or Repair shop affiliated with Subaru of America.

Baki (Rocky) Ates

Baki is the owner and manager of Roos Only and has worked with Subaru vehicles and their owners for over 35 years. Since 1988, when He opened Roos Only, he has worked with more than 70,000 Subaru owners. Baki is a Master ASE Certified Technician and has attended the Automotive Mechanics Training School, at the Denver Institute of Technology in Denver, now called the Westwood College of Technology. After finishing school, he worked as the Subaru head technician at George Irvin Subaru, Osborn Subaru, and Short line Subaru for a cumulative total of 18 years. He has graduated from R.L.O'Connor & Associates, Inc., Management Success course, and has taken various management courses at an automotive management training school. It has been a dream come true for 'Rocky" to run his independent Subaru repair shop!

Deniz A
Director of Communications

Deniz is currently working with us as our Director of Communications. She graduated from Colorado State University –Pueblo from the Center for New Media with a double emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Deniz has been with Roos Only for 5 years. She one day plans to run the family business and continue the legend of Roos Only.

Brieanna E
Service Advisor

Brieanna is our new Service Advisor. She is very dedicated, intelligent and a fast learner. She has been with us for more than 6 months now and she's doing great!

Travis E
Head Technician and Shop Foreman

Travis is our company's Head Technician and Shop Foreman. Travis has 20 years of technical experience. Travis graduated from R.L.O'Connor & Associates Service Advisor courses, along with severall other tech training courses. He has been with our company for over 10 yrs. Travis continues to get his Master ASE re-certifications and is up to date on his knowledge of Subaru vehicles. Travis is a dedicated employee and we are proud to have him as the Head Technician, Service Advisor and Shop Foreman at Roos Only.

Ceasar H
Master Technician

Ceasar has been working with Subaru for over 10 yrs. He has worked at the dealership for many years.

Rick L
Master Technician

Rick is our On-Call Master Technician. He is ASE Certified. He has over 40 years of experience working with Subarus and will make sure you get the best quality and detailed service always.

Jake W
Master Technician

Jake has been working as a Master Tech over 7 years. He came to us from dealership.